Monday, 8 November 2021

season's end

every one of our apples have been picked!

what a wonderful autumn we have had with you!

thank you so much for supporting us through another 

season. especially with the pandemic unexpectedly lingering.


well, not quite every apple is picked..

some quirky ones get left behind..

i love finding them!

although we are closed, 

we aren’t on the couch eating bonbons just yet..

we’re busy doing numerous jobs before the winter..

signs and scarecrows, baby buggies and bushels 

are stored away til next autumn.

we give the brooms and cauldrons and tea sets back to the witches. 

our sweet farm animals that we fell in love with go back to our farmer friends

 who kindly let us borrow them. 

fields get plowed and planted with wheat,

enriching the soil, enabling us to plant again next spring.  

irrigation lines are repaired and readied for the cold temperatures.

orchards are mowed. 

machinery is repaired.

tool sheds, and barns get organized.  

everything gets scrubbed clean.

yes..its very glamorous!

i try and wander through the orchards every morning.

this morning was gorgeous.. as the fog lifted and frost melted,

every thing sparkled!

we often get asked: “what do you do all winter?” 

i will share more answers to that another day,

but after our farm commitments, we do look forward to a break 

where we can hopefully travel and visit new places to be inspired. 

it’s also our cherished time to be with our friends and family once again.  

my dad will be blowing out 92 candles this month!

hope you are well,

stay cozy!

big, grateful hugs,


carl laidlaw orchards