Thursday, 16 September 2021

good bye summer

ohhh let’s savour this last weekend of summer and 

go apple picking in a favourite summer dress! 

we are picking.. 

royal gala, silken, cortland, macintosh, and ginger gold apples.

our wonky spring weather 

wreaked a bit of havoc this year. 

many varieties have only a 50% yield at best while  

some (of our favourites) have barely any fruit. 

we would usually be picking our honeycrisp apples this weekend, 

but sadly our honeycrisp orchard was one that was hit hard.

there are so very few honeycrisp apples this year.. 

next year will be better. 

royal gala

eaten and celebrated by queens and kings! 

yes..i made that up, but they really are so fantastic.

they are one of the sweetest apples on the farm. 

you will need less sugar if you use them in a pie or crisp.

 being the pinkest apple we grow 

makes them my favourite model for photographing!


sweet, firm and juicy, with the bonus of thin skin 

make these such a popular apple especially with the kids. 

they are best enjoyed fresh!

if you love honeycrisp, you will love these!



oh i am so sad that there aren’t many cortlands this year.. 

they are my favourite! another casualty of our harsh spring. 

brilliant for both eating fresh and baking, 

 they are a lovely delicious, complex blend of tart and sweet. 

they are slow to discolour when sliced. 

before the wheat field was harvested and planted with sunflowers..


we enjoyed this apple rose tart.

oh i just love this tart. 

apples nestled in a layer of a hazelnut frangipane 

and baked in a sweet shortcrust pastry. 

although it is very time consuming to make, 

it is definitely worth it. 

make it with a sister or friend!

share it and you will be loved!  

it’s from julie jones' book  ‘the pastry school.’ 

i can’t say enough wonderful things about this cookbook.

its full of so many fabulous recipes 

with brilliant instructions that are easy to follow.  

use our gingergolds and galas!

see you soon ish