Saturday, 29 August 2015

opening soon

oh my…where has august gone?
we are so excited to be opening again this labour day weekend:
 september 5th, 6th and 7th. 
it will be a short and sweet harvest this year. 
we will be open weekends only. 

the apples that we do have are wonderful! 
 we expect the gingergolds, gravensteins, macs 
and bartlett pears to be ready for picking. 

remember last may when it was so cold that my birdbath froze? 
our orchard was in full blossom then and the freezing temperatures
 damaged the blossoms in our valley….
so, sadly there are no apples in the valley to pick this year.
the rest of our orchard was unscathed.
that mother nature was sure a scallywag!

this is how they looked in june

this is how they should have looked 

summer has been a beehive of activity…planting, pruning,
 mowing, fertilizing, repairing, scrubbing, painting…

one of my favourite jobs is putting the scarecrows together.

all year i love to look for vintage dresses, aprons,
 sweaters, overalls, accessories, and anything gingham!
 yes, i know a lot of great second hand stores.
 my good friend donna is usually my partner in crime.
 kensington market is our favourite haunt.
 i have picked up so many wonderful things at wastewise in georgetown too.

 i had my scarecrows together outside the barn
and noticed this...

hello michelangelo! 
so far away from the sistine chapel…
 “the creation of scarecrows” 
... it made me laugh out loud! 
simple pleasures!

our neighbours larry and heather at orchalaw farms
 have a wonderful crop this year and will be open 
during the week for you.
we are looking forward to saying hello again,
 and with all the new homes in our area 
we hope to see some new faces too! 

enjoy theses last days of summer…
warm hugs,