Tuesday, 21 June 2016

welcome summer

hello summer!

last evening while waiting for the strawberry moon,
  we watched the lightning playing in distant clouds.
 so gorgeous! we were actually hoping for rain on the farm. 
i thought of my lightning rods …
recently the farmhouse roof was repaired 
and mark saved the lightning rods for me… 
they are like sculptures made of blown glass and wire. 
perhaps you have seen them at antique markets  

our drive in shed’s roof still has three of them. 
they sparkle in the sun all year long.

 one of them is broken…
i think mark’s brother shot it with a bb gun when they were kids.  

i love how some evenings they seem to glow.

most old barns and farmhouses had them as protection against a lightning strike. 
the long wire cable that would be buried into the ground
 would direct the lightning down and away from the building. 

 the next time you drive past an old barn have a peek at the roof...
it may still have two or three there. 

i hope you will get the chance to watch the lightning dance in clouds this summer
 and notice some vintage lightning rods. 
warm summer hugs,