Saturday, 18 July 2015

sweet summer

although i especially love spring, i must say summer in ontario is pretty sweet!
  we have so been enjoying visiting farms, picking fresh fruit and making jam.

we are fortunate to have friends in jordan with a beautiful farm.
 the cherries this year were the best i have ever had…really!

black currant jam has always been my favourite…
thanks to our grandma milroy! 
i am so happy i have also inherited her love of 
photography and gardening.

our favourite place to pick currants and raspberries is 
david bianchi does such a beautiful job of growing fruit and vegetables.
i just to love chat with his lovely wife and daughter too!
david is also an amazing photographer….constantly giving me tips
…that i can’t always remember!

is there anything better than fresh berries and cream?


we have also been loving the farmers’ markets. 
i always buy way too much…
oh well…we are helping other farmers!

yes…i do have a thing for radishes! 

we really cherish our favourite markets and farms!
it’s lovely to meet the farmers involved.
simple summer pleasures!
do you have a favourite place to go for fresh fruit and veggies?  
happy picking! perhaps i will meet you!

summer hugs,

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

oh canada

dear canada,
i love you!

make a wish before you blow out 148 candles! 

happy canada day!
warm canadian hugs