Thursday, 29 August 2019


after a busy spring and summer in the orchard, 
we are so happy to be opening our arms and the farm gates this weekend to share our harvest. 
it is such a pleasure and pure joy to eat fresh apples again!

 we are open all weekend, including the holiday monday.

 there are 3 varieties of apples available to pick…
 macintosh, gravenstein and gingergold.  

we love to give you samples before you go into the orchard 
so you can decide which is your favourite, 
or perhaps introduce you to a new variety. 
and we love to meet you. 


the famous canadian apple that everyone knows! 
they have a wonderful tanginess at this early harvest time,
but become more tender and sweet as the season progresses. 
mark loves a pie made from macs! i like to make sauce with them. 


a favourite for many bakers, this lesser known apple is a lovely blend of tart and sweet flavours. 
they store for only about week, so you have to savour these while you can!
 we will be using these apples in our pie making room.


margo’s favourite. this could be your teacher’s favourite too!
sweet, juicy, and crisp, this gorgeous apple is a perfect school lunch snack.
slow to discolour, gingergolds make an excellent choice for slicing into salads. 
we love to use slices with cheese instead of crackers. 

our friend jackie from blossom bakery 
has been busy making her famous gourmet flatbreads for you. 
warm one up and stay for lunch!
we are now carrying her scones down at the river cottage.
and have you tried her peach salsa? she lives on a peach farm...
its the bees knees! 

we hope you will be savouring the last few days of summer holidays with us.
don’t forget to give an apple to your teacher! 
see you soon!