Wednesday, 29 August 2018


we are so excited to be opening again for you this saturday!

where did the summer go?
well…when you visit us you will see that we have had a very busy summer.
new orchards, new crops, new babies….

we will be picking macintosh, gravenstein and ginger gold apples. 
and our bartlett pears too. 

macs…the famous back to school taste! 
when you make a pie with us, this is what we will use. they are pretty tart! 
macs sweeten and become more tender as the harvest progresses. 
the flesh is delicate and softens when baked…
if you love a softer pie these are for you! mark’s favourite! 

these are a bit of a secret unless you are from the east coast! 
an exceptional cooking apple, gravensteins are a favourite for bakers.  
this is a variety to savour as they will only store for a week or so 
and are only available for a short time. 
they are crisp with a lovely combination of sweet and tart

ginger gold
the sweetest! crisp and juicy with a mellow tartness. 
they are perfect for a cheese tray or fruit platter because they resist browning when cut. 
 they hold their shape well when cooked.
hello tarts, galettes, pies and cakes.

bartlett pears
our pears are still green and quite firm…the perfect time to pick so that
 they will store well and be available to ripen as you need them. 
just leave them on your kitchen counter for a few days.  
wonderful fresh, with cheeses or in salads and sandwiches. 
bartletts are ideal for making apple and pear jam or pear butter. 
there is a lovely pear tart recipe on our recipe page.

we are smitten with our new family…
chickens, pigs, and sheep.
it has been a while since we have had animals on the farm.. it was our kids’ idea!
we are really delighted to have them here. 
they are so cute and entertaining! we think you will love them too!

i have a few fabulous new recipes that i will be sharing.
it has been too hot to turn on the oven, 
so we are enjoying these first apples fresh ‘out of hand’. 

looking forward to seeing you again or meeting you, 
warm hugs