Saturday, 17 June 2017


“ in all things of nature there is something of the marvelous” aristotle 

oh how true! 
every day i can find and love a little something from mother nature on the farm.
spring is especially full of her gifts…

  and oh how i just love finding a nest… 

i do have a thing for birds’ nests. 
they really are such marvellous little works of art! 

  recently climbed a ladder to have a peek at a swallow's nest 
inside the drive in shed. i think there are 4 chicks.
there were a few concerned parent birds chirping 
and swooping close by trying to convince me to leave!
 it was quite a commotion! 
oh baby birds are the sweetest!

we had a duck lay her eggs up near the barn. 
they seemed well hidden and protected, 
but sadly we discovered them broken several days later.
we think the coyotes were responsible…or perhaps raccoons? 

for a couple of weeks the killdeer parents were doing their broken wing performance…
luring us away from this nest. it was so comical to watch! 
 it is actually quite brilliant.  
and isn't it remarkable how well the eggs blend into their environment? 

 a wild turkey chose this open area with very tall grass for her nursery

  this swallow family renovated last years’ nest!

a robin decided to build in our drive in shed too. 

so many nests and so many happy birds…
how lovely to wake up every day to birdsong!
i think aristotle would love our farm!

hope you can find a little gift of nature to marvel at this spring!
warm hugs,