Wednesday, 30 August 2017


welcome apple harvest season!
oh what a pleasure to bite into a fresh tree ripened apple again!

we are so excited to be opening on saturday september 2nd. 
we’ll be open for the entire labour day long weekend. 

our spring and summer brought plenty of rain…the apples loved it...especially our new baby orchards. 
the previous summer we installed an irrigation system, so of course this summer it wasn't needed!
like every year in farming there are challenges…a couple of varieties struggled this year,
but overall we have a terrific crop to share.

this weekend you can enjoy picking macintosh, ginger gold, and gravenstein apples and bartlett pears. 


the classic canadian apple!
 if you like them crisp and tart this is the weekend to pick them.
 macs sweeten and become more tender as the harvest progresses.
 the flesh is delicate and softens when baked…
if you love a softer pie these are for you!
macs remind me of being a kid and going back to school! 
isn't it remarkable how a flavour can take you instantly back to a time and place? 


oh these are such a fantastic apple! and gorgeous too!
i made mark’s birthday pie this year with gingergolds. 
crisp,  juicy and sweet with a mellow will love them as a snack!
 they hold their shape well when cooked..hello tarts, cakes and pies. 
these resist browning when cut… marvelous for a cheese tray, fruit platter or salad. 


are you from nova scotia? you will recognize these! 
they are crisp with a lovely combination of sweet and tart and wonderfully aromatic. 
an exceptional cooking apple, gravensteins are a favourite for bakers.  
this is a variety to savour the day you pick them as they will only store for a week
 and are only available for a short time. 
live in the moment!

bartlett pears 

most of our pears are still green and firm…the perfect time to pick so that 
they will store well and be available to ripen as you need them. 
mellow, sweet and juicy when ripened, pears are so versatile. 
 bartletts are ideal for making pear sauce or pear butter. we love it swirled into yoghurt or oatmeal. 
pears are a brilliant addition to any coursepaired with strong cheeses, pureed in soups,
 sliced in salads, baked in a pie or cake,
poached, sauced, canned….oh the possibilities!

we are so looking forward to seeing you again and meeting our new guests.
 welcome back and welcome!
hope you are enjoying these last days of august.