Friday, 22 April 2016

happy earth day

happy earth day! 

to celebrate this day, my mom and i went to our local 
wonderful garden centre... van wissen nurseries 
to treat ourselves and our gardens to a little something. 
 it is always such a pleasure to visit.  
their blossoming trees and pots of cheery flowers are gorgeous
 and owners john and sylvie are lovely!

today i planted an ivory prince hellebore. 
i love the subtle pinks and greens. 
(my favourite two colours) 
it makes you really notice the shapes and textures of 
their flowers and leaves. 

i hope you can get dirt under your nails today.
or perhaps start a tradition that honours our earth
warm hugs,

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

welcome spring!

oh i do love spring!
isn’t it wonderful? yes…full of wonder! 
every single day there is something new to discover and love! 
a shoot, a sprout, a leaf , a bud, a tiny blossom…

even the weeds are adorable!

and oh that gorgeous fresh colour of green that is spring’s
 signature gift….my favourite! 

 the bees are happy and healthy according to miro, our
  friend the beekeeper.

what a treat to wake up to birdsong and enjoy morning coffees
 outside again. we have seen so many cheery birds returning. 

 i love this quote by the english author ellis peters…

every spring is the only spring- a perpetual astonishment. 

she would have loved our farm!
i hope you are able to enjoy this season of delights
 that is so encouraging and full of promise. 
warm spring hugs,