Friday, 3 October 2014


it is certainly easy to enjoy an apple a day!
we have just started to harvest 8 more varieties...


 named after the japanese province, mutsu are crisp, juicy and tart when first harvested.
left to ripen and harvested later, they turn a beautiful blush and sweeten
 with a complex flavour that is both spicy and sweet.
they are lovely for tarts and pies and an excellent apple for storing. 
a good date apple…they are so large, they beg to be shared! 

golden delicious

 golden delicious are firm, sweet and crisp with a delicate mellow flavour.
 their thin skin doesn’t require peeling... making them terrific for sauces, pies and tarts. 
 they retain their shape well when cooked...truly wonderful in any recipe!


 a cross of a red delicious and a macintosh, empires are the best of both…
tart and sweet, crunchy and juicy. they don’t easily bruise, establishing them as a favourite for lunches.
 they are also excellent for salads, sauces, baking and pies. 
with halloween anticipated, one of our little guests thought these were called vampire apples! 


probably the least attractive apple on the farm, the rusty skin looks kind of vintage!
 pear like in texture, russets are juicy with coarse flesh.
 they can be tart to very sweet, depending on when they are harvested. they are often used in cider.


isn’t the name fun? these are an early golden delicious variety..mild, sweet and juicy.
 smoothies are a wonderful all purpose apple..they can snuggle in any recipe.

tolman sweet

like the name suggests, they are sweet indeed....and also pear like. 
these are the oldest and biggest trees on the farm. mark’s great grandpa planted the orchard.
it makes us smile while picking them!

ida red 

sweetly tart and deliciously spicy, ida reds have a strong apple flavour with hints of lemon. 
 they are fabulous for pies and the beautiful bright skin imparts a pink colour in apple sauce. 
they are a cross of a jonathan and wagener.
 these are my second favourite apple for the autumn fruit crisp, when we run out of cortlands.
they are excellent for storing. if you are a baker, this is the one to fill your extra fridge with. 

red delicious

forget the store bought kind…these really are delicious when enjoyed fresh off the tree.
 mild, sweet and crunchy, these are a perfect snack. they store very well too!

we are continuing to pick macintosh, mcgowen, cortland, and gala. 
our honey crisps picked out so quickly,
 so we have brought some in for you from another wonderful orchard.

 put on your favourite cozy sweater and enjoy a crisp autumn day in the orchard.

warm farm hugs,

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