Saturday, 6 June 2015

bittersweet spring

oh the apple blossoms this spring were unbelievably spectacular….. 

some years they are all finished within days…. 
but this year they lingered for weeks. pure bliss! 

and ohhh the fragrance! so subtle and sweet.

 it really was magical!

even the baby orchards were brilliant.

part of me wishes the blossoms would last all spring and summer
but we really do farm for a living and need the apples!

it is bittersweet to be in the orchard on breezy spring evenings
 to witness the petals falling. 

blossom’s end looks a little like there was a lovely wedding  in the orchard
with confetti everywhere.

sadly, we endured below zero temperatures a few weeks ago.
our valley was hit especially hard.
our bird bath was frozen…
we are still assessing the damage, 
but at the moment it looks as though we will
 only have a tiny crop to share.
next year will be better.
mother nature, you are full of surprises!

it seems that spring is the shortest season of all!
 is that because it’s my favourite? 
enjoy these last weeks of spring.
warm farm hugs,

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