Friday, 8 September 2017

well that was a fast week!
did you give a teacher an apple? 

we have a fabulous selection perfect for you to pick this weekend…  
still available are macintosh, gravenstein, and gingergold apples, and bartlett pears. 
have a peek at the previous post for a description of these varieties. 

 it is the first weekend for our royal gala, honeygold and silken apples.

did you know we have a field of sunflowers this year? 
it will take your breath away…

royal gala

you will love everything about galas…especially their colour! 
the pinkest, girliest apple on the farm! 
a sweet, smaller apple, they are mild and juicy. 
they are a cross of a red delicious and a cox orange pippin. 
although best eaten fresh, you can use galas for sauce, baking and drying. 


oh what a beautiful sweet, juicy apple. 
similar to a golden delicious who happens to be a parent…these have a very subtle, mild flavour.
they are best eaten fresh, but you can use them for baking too.


another gorgeous apple that is juicy and crisp 
with a hint of honey flavour. 
 introduced from the beautiful okanagan valley in british columbia,
 it is a cross of two favourites…sunrise and honeygold.
they are a lovely apple for baking as they hold their shape well. 
you will find the silken orchard down in our valley.

oh these early mornings on the farm with the rain and the fog … 

 we are so happy to be open once again. see you soon! 

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