Tuesday, 17 June 2014


oh my goodness the peonies this year are spectacular! 

they are definitely the glamour girls of the garden until a rain…
then they look like they have had too much champagne!

how sweet is this variety that my friend debbie gave me?
 they close up every evening and open again every morning.

 i love that they live on neglect! 
they are so fragrant too…i have bouquets in every single room! really!
i may have a few ants in my house too. oh well…it’s so worth it! 

i can’t believe how much joy this birdbath has brought me… 
i can see it from my kitchen window and the porch where mark and i have coffee every morning. 

 our apples are happy and healthy 

presently they are a titch bigger than a marble ...
they look a little bit like olives!
  it’s sometimes hard to believe they will be a delicious, 
much larger apple by autumn!

in the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
margaret atwood 

 i love this quote!most days we do indeed
we planted a new orchard

 and spencer planted garlic this spring…
doesn’t it look like dr. seuss was involved?… the scapes seem so fun and whimsical

i hope you enjoy these last days of spring! 
warm farm hugs,

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