Sunday, 29 June 2014

warm summer breezes

i do love my clothesline... 

 the way these aprons dance in the breeze is a simple pleasure indeed.
when you visit the farm this fall, you are invited to wear one of these vintage aprons 
while you make an apple pie with us.

oh what a wonderful indulgence it is to fall asleep between line dried sheets!
 the scent is inimitable. it guarantees sweet dreams! 

our kids loved to use the clothes “pigs”
hanging laundry can be very calming…even meditative.
 it forces me to slow down. i notice the warmth of the sun and the breeze. 
i can see and hear and smell the cows across the road. 
i enjoy the different fabrics and colours and patterns. 
i am reminded of my mom and grandmas that did this very same thing. 
it’s a lovely thought!

i hope you can use a clothesline somewhere this summer!
warm hugs,

                                                   carl laidlaw orchards

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