Saturday, 30 August 2014

an apple a day!

release the doves… we are open!

after a busy spring and summer of work, we are so excited to invite you into the orchard...
oh what a delight to enjoy a fresh apple again!

  perfect for picking at the moment...  
ginger gold and macintosh apples 
ginger golds are a lovely sweet, crisp apple. 
they are wonderful in salads as they resist browning and are great for baking too.
macintosh are such a canadian classic! juicy, crisp and tart...excellent for pies (mark’s favourite) and apple sauce.
teachers love them both!

we are using ginger golds for our pies ...
did you know you can make an apple pie with us? 
we have every thing you need... and we'll show you howyou can even lick the spoon! 
we will tuck it in our oven while you enjoy the orchard,
 or you can take it home to bake in your kitchen. your home will smell sumptuous!

next week we expect to start picking our bartlett pears. 
we have a very small crop of pears this year.
i have a brilliant recipe for pears to share next time.  

we look forward to seeing you! 
warm farm hugs,

                                               carl laidlaw orchards 

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