Saturday, 23 August 2014

kids these days!

 again this summer we have had a terrific ensemble of bright, 
enthusiastic farm help.

  some kids returned after spending previous summers and falls with us.
 some were new to the farm…brought in by their seasoned farm friends, our kids,
 or parents that love the farm! some kids managed to work for us while also working elsewhere. 
for a few, this was their very first job. 

       it is remarkable that they arrived at 8:00 every morning with a smile!    

    they have been pruning the apple trees and thinning apples all summer.
 their farmer tans are awesome! 

 this cool weather has been marvellous for working in the orchard. 

pruning can be a titch tedious…lucas has a big boom box that he kindly shared.
pruning to music…life is good!

  despite a light crop after that crazy winter, the orchard looks amazing!
we are always sad to see the university kids leave…
  but, we do have a wonderful staff to help us when we open…august 30th! 
we look forward to the harvest after a busy summer!

kids these days! so terrific! what would we do without them?

farm hugs,

                                               carl laidlaw orchards 


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