Friday, 26 September 2014


haven’t these first days of autumn been brilliant? 

gorgeous and perfect for picking this week ….


a fabulous mellow, juicy, crisp apple that is sweet with a hint of tartness.
it’s smaller size makes snowdan terrific for snacking...and perfect for little hands!
 they sauté nicely for a beautiful warm salad, and are great for baking too!


another  sweet apple with a beautiful balance of tartness,
 they are lovely out of hand, in salads and wonderful for baking.
jonagolds are a cross of a jonathan and golden delicious.
 they are quite juicy, firm and crisp. 

we are still picking our macintosh and cortlands. 
have you tried the autumn fruit crisp recipe yet?(have a peek at the previous post)
you really must! 

and how adorable is this wee snail?
we found her on a macintosh this morning! slow food….i love it!

warm farm hugs,

carl laidlaw orchards

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