Thursday, 18 September 2014

sweet harvest

plentiful, delicious and perfect for picking this week


my favourite! tart and crisp.
wonderful for out of hand and excellent for crisps and pies.
they are a cross between a ben davis and a macintosh.
cortlands resist browning, also making them a great apple for salads.

royal gala

the sweetest apple and prettiest pink!
they have a rich full flavour with a softer flesh. perfect for lunches. galas are
cross of three apples...a golden delicious, kidd's orange and red delicious. they store very well.

honey gold

 incredibly crisp and juicy with a mild sweet flavour,
they are a lovely new apple to try from our young orchard. 
a cross between a golden delicious and haralson, honey golds are great for pies too.  


last year this orchard gave us 2 apples! 
this is the first year to invite you into our baby orchard to pick. 
sweet and crisp with a mild flavour, silkens are similar to the honey gold. 


 don't you just love the name? these are also from our baby orchard. 
with hints of a ripe banana, they are sweet and juicy.

and we are still picking our macintosh!
they have sweetened since our harvest began.
 they are still mark's favourite for pies and perfect for apple sauce too.

try them all! let us know which is your favourite!

ooh i almost forgot these…perhaps the easiest to pick!
sweet harvest indeed!

see you soon, 
warm farm hugs,

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