Friday, 11 September 2015


we are so happy to be open again!

isn’t it such a treat to eat a fresh picked apple?

currently we have 4 varieties of apples 
that are perfect for picking…
macintosh, gravenstein, gingergold and royal gala.
 we are still picking bartlett pears.

gingergolds are lovely…

sweet and mellow

we are using  gravensteins to make our apple pies…

they are marvellously complex…
just the right amount of tartness yet sweet

the macs are such a classic! 
crisp and juicy, with that famous tanginess!

one bite and i am instantly reminded of my childhood!

 our bartlett pears are are wonderful!

this is the time for storing bartletts. 
they are still green and firm….but will ripen at room
 temperature in a few days after picking.
so sweet and juicy! 
we love to enjoy them with a nice stilton cheese.  

we have just started to pick the royal galas.
 everyone loves them! 
so sweet, mild, crunchy and juicy. 
i especially love their colour….
the prettiest of pinks!

this is the apple my friend jackie from blossom bakery 
recently used on her signature gourmet flatbread pizzas. 
these are sooo delicious!
 we have been offering them here for several years… 
jackie does a marvellous job of combining fresh seasonal ingredients
 and presenting them in such a beautiful way
…you can tell she is an artist too!
my favourite is the apple, beet, swisschard and brie.
we will also be carrying her fresh peach salsa this weekend
along with her “petals”...
delicious crackers that are perfect for the salsa 
that gal is brilliant!
we will be offering samples all weekend…
see you soon!

warm hugs,

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