Thursday, 17 September 2015


ohh what a delight to wander through the orchards 
while enjoying an apple or two!
this is how i spend most mornings.
 i usually get a soaker from the dew, but it’s worth it!
there is a special fragrance the apples bestow 
and if you are still for a moment you will hear the music of crickets,
honey bees, birdsong, and the river. it’s magical!
 we are so lucky! you really must visit!

still available this weekend for picking are
the macs, royal galas, and bartlett pears.

we will start picking…
cortlands (my favourite), jonagolds and honey crisp....

excellent to eat out of hand, 
cortlands are also ideal for apple pies, crisps or crumbles
… mild, juicy, and sweet with a hint of lemon. 
because they resist browning when sliced,
 they are a good choice for a cheese tray.

you need two hands to pick them or a partner in crime
they often grow in twos…twins...
and when you pick one, the twin falls. 

jonagolds are wonderfully juicy and sweet
 with that gorgeous creamy yellow flesh. 
with golden delicious and jonathan as parents,
 they are fabulous for everything… 
apple cake, baked apples, pies, tartes …

 such a big, beautiful apple…easy to share with a friend!
a first date in the orchard perhaps?

this is a jonagold espalier against the barn foundation.

our honey crisps are so sought after! 

they are everything their name suggests! 
so sweet and explosively crisp and juicy!
our honey crisp orchard is tiny…
this will be the only weekend they are available.

mark and spencer planted sunflowers this year….

they make me smile every time i walk by.

 i just love the orchard

it looks like you may need your rain boots this saturday.
 that’s o.k. …we have the best puddles…
and we can always lend you a pair if you forget yours! 

see you soon!

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