Thursday, 6 October 2016


another perfect weekend to join us in the orchard…
we will also be open this thanksgiving monday. 

we will start picking 

mutsu, ida red, red delicious,
 golden delicious, and ambrosia apples.

we are still picking 
cortland, jonagold, spartan, empire, rhode island greening,
 and a handful of other varieties if you are patient enough to look!
(there is always one left!)


these are worth the wait!
 a crunchy, tart, large juicy apple that turns sweeter the longer it ripens
 on the tree. excellent for tarts and pies. 

it is also known as a crispin. these will store til after christmas. 
do you remember our dog mutsu? she lived to be 17! 

ida red

my second favourite apple for baking pies and cakes…
so similar to a cortland with a hint of lemon.

 these are the best apples for storing…
they will easily last until the spring in your fridge. 

red delicious

as a kid i thought there were only 2 kinds apples…these and macs! 
sweet and mild with the cute little bumps on the bottom. 
fresh picked they are nothing like the store variety…you have to try them!

did you know the red delicious are one of the empire’s parents?

golden delicious

appropriately named! sweet and rich……excellent for everything…
sauce, pies, tarts, cakes, and of course fresh eating out of hand.
their thin skin melts into the apple need to peel!
you cant go wrong with a bushel full of golden delicious. 


from a chance seedling in british columbia, its parents are a mystery,
 but thought to be jona gold and golden delicious. 

they are sweet, crisp and juicy with creamy flesh.
 their low acidity makes them slow to brown…great in salads!
excellent too for pies, tarts and baking. 

did you know we carry blossom bakery’s
famous flat breads and petal crackers? 
one look at the flatbreads and you can tell my friend and owner jackie is an artist! 
her seasonal flavour combinations are exquisite. 
jackie has made a divine pear cranberry chutney that you will love ...
 available this weekend. 
a perfect hostess gift to bring to dinner!

giving thanks to all our fabulous customers!
we are fortunate that we can be a part of your family’s  traditions 
warm farm hugs,

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