Friday, 30 September 2016

hello october

welcome october!
  a brilliant selection of apples are plentiful and perfect for picking this month!
 something for every apple lover...
this weekend we will start picking the 
smoothies, russet and rhode island greening apples.
also available are
macintosh, jona gold, cortland, empire, royal gala, 
silken, and spartan apples. 


love the name… 
these are a wonderful, juicy, sweet, mellow, early variety of golden delicious.
 fabulous to eat fresh and equally fabulous for cooking. 
smoothies store well…a good one to tuck away in an extra fridge or coldroom.


they will never win a beauty pageant…their skin is quite dull 
with rough brown patches known as russeting.
 shakespeare referred to them as leathercoates. 
often described as nutty, they have a delicate,
 sweet flavour and flesh that is similar to a pear. 
often pressed for cider, 
they also work well in salads or with cheeses.

rhode island greening

an heirloom apple, it is visually similar to a granny smith. 
while very tart when eaten fresh, it is mainly used for pies,
 where cooking brings out it’s full flavours. 
if you have a loose tooth, this very hard apple will change that…
hello tooth fairy!

i forgot how much i love home made apple sauce!

it reminds me of being a kid again.
my mom used to serve it warm over vanilla ice cream. 
we combine many varieties of apples to make our apple sauce.
we have never been disappointed...although it does taste different every time. 
its an easy way to use up extra apples…
 and after making a batch today our home smells amazing!

just peel, slice and core as many apples as you have…
add a little water and simmer until the texture is desirable. 
i used about 20 apples and 1 cup of water…
simmered with the lid on for a half an hour or so. 
it gave me 4 mason jars plus a couple of small bowls that we ate while warm. 
i substitute apple sauce for oil in muffin recipes.

 one of our customers shared that she adds vanilla to her sauce.
 it adds an extra layer of flavour. 
thank you margot!
last autumn we were gifted home made apple sauce made with 
strawberries…an unexpected and amazing combination!
 thank you samuel and nathan!
apple sauce will turn into thick rich apple butter
 when simmered for hours and reduced.
 we were given a jar with an opulent velvet ribbon years ago. 
thanks again carleen!

there are so many wonderful jars to use or reuse for sauce or apple butter.
and there is such a terrific choice available of cute of twines, ribbons and labels to add...
who doesn't love apple sauce?
it really makes a thoughtful sweet gift!

you will need your rain boots this weekend. 
we can loan you a pair if you forget yours.

welcome october!
warm hugs,

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