Thursday, 8 September 2016

another harvest

oh how wonderful to be open again!
 it is so nice to see familiar faces and so many new families too!
 welcome back and welcome!

new for picking this weekend are macintosh apples and bartlett pears 
we are still picking gingergold and gravenstein apples. 


such a classic! don’t these just taste like ‘back to school’?
great for teachers, lunches, pies, and sauce. 
a slice or two in a toasted peanut butter sandwich is fun too!

bartlett pears. 

i love their gorgeous sensuous shape, and how they turn a lovely
 yellow with a rosy blush when ripe.
 they are best picked mature and left to ripen on a sunny windowsill. 
they really are the quintessential pear flavour.
and my new favourite addition to salads…
with arugula and any kind of candied or roasted nut.
 i love them on a cheese plate too…sliced thick enough to be the cracker!  
pears are also perfect for lunch boxes!


 i hope you have had a great week…
this is the first september that i haven't cried... our kids are no longer in school. 
and they are helping us too. lucky us!
warm hugs,

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  1. Hi Laura, we are so excited that you are open. I have a Guide unit that has come to the farm and made apple pies several times before. We would really like to book an evening to come and make pies again this year. We would like to book either October 5th, 12th or 19th. 6;30-8:00pm. Please let us know what works for you. thanks Allison van Wagner 284th Guides. 905-785-2215