Thursday, 1 September 2016

hello september

welcome september!

we are excited to be opening this saturday for the entire long weekend!
oh what a pleasure to eat fresh apples again! 
perfect for picking are gingergold and gravenstein apples.

and this is the first time we can invite you into our flemish beauty pear orchard.
 it is only four years old. we have a small crop for our first harvest, but worth picking if you can!

 gorgeous sweet, mildly tart and juicy. a perfect snack!
wonderful too for tarts or pies…if you want to turn your oven on. 
these will keep for a few months in your fridge. 

i love these! 
aromatic, crisp and juicy. and that perfect combination of sweet and tart. 
these are also wonderful for pies or tarts as they hold their shape well.
  they are delicate and perishable so you just have to 
enjoy them while they are in season. 

flemish beauty pear 
beautiful indeed!
they have a lovely white flesh and a subtle flavour.
perfect for a picnic…their skins are relatively durable. 
this is an heirloom variety and recommended for drying.  

you will notice some changes when you you visit us and go for a wander. 

big taps and valves, and irrigation pipes along every row. 

it took over a month to install an irrigation system throughout the farm. 

we lost several trees due to the drought, but would have lost entire orchards
 without the new irrigation. i think mark secretly loved using the
 big machines to dig trenches for all the pipes. 
it is a brilliant addition to the farm!

oh what a busy, hot dry summer! 

haven't the evenings been spectacular lately?

so looking forward to our harvest season again with you!
warm hugs

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