Wednesday, 21 September 2016

hello autumn

our first weekend of autumn and the last weekend of september…

nature’s costume change is pretty spectacular 

hasn't it been a lovely, warm september? 
yet we welcome the cooler weather…
i always look forward to wearing my vintage sweaters again. 
yes i do have a thing for cardigans. 
and the apples really benefit from the cool nights. 

 a stellar selection of apples are ready for picking this weekend…
cortland, mcgowen, fuji, jona gold,
 empire, spartan and silken.

 we are still picking some of our earlier varieties too...
macintosh, royal gala, and honey gold.

sprightly, with complex flavours, they are juicy and crisp and resistant to browning.  
fabulous to eat fresh and a perfect choice for baking…
cortlands hold their shape well in a pie, tart, gallette, or cake.
still my favourite!

they grow in clusters of twos…
you will need a partner in crime to pick, or use two hands. 

also known as macoun, they are a cross between 
a macintosh and a jersey black.
mcgowns are a lovely smaller apple… 

crisp, sweet, juicy, and aromatic.
you have to try them! 
they are best eaten fresh, but make a sweet sauce. 

this is another “new” apple available on our farm. 
the orchard is only 4 years old!

they are quite sweet, extremely juicy and wonderfully crisp
 with a beautiful white coloured flesh.  
their sweetness makes them ideal for baking, roasting, saucing and enjoying fresh.

jona gold
with golden delicious and jonathan as parents,
 they are sweet with a hint of tartness…
a beautiful balance!

wonderful for baking, pies and sauce. 

an intense, juicy blend of sweet and tart…
they are the best of both parents macintosh and red delicious.
so versatile and excellent in any apple recipe. 

empires are perfect for lunch boxes and brief cases as they aren't easily bruised. 
their colour changes to an opulent deep rich, dark red the
 longer they ripen on the tree. they look like velvet!

a sweet, delicate flavour, crisp, and so juicy… everyone loves a fresh spartan!

they are a cross of a macintosh and a newton. 
spartans are brilliant for juicing and cider.
they are great for sautéing, pies, baking, and sauce. 

the texture and flavour are wonderful…firm, sweet, crisp and juicy. 

the flesh is a little like a pear or russet apple. 
aromatic with a hint of honey, they are very refreshing favourite. 

mornings on the farm are so dreamy…

often the fog caresses the entire valley and follows the river.

it is quite a luxury to wander around the farm this time of year! 
we are lucky that so many guests feel the same!

welcome autumn!
warm hugs,

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