Thursday, 15 September 2016


we have five fabulous apples that are perfect for picking this weekend…
the famous honey crisp, the gorgeous royal gala and sweet honeygold. 

we are still picking our macintosh and gingergold 


quite appropriately named, they are exceptionally crisp and juicy 
with a well balanced lovely sweet flavour. 
 fill up the extra ’fridge…they store very well and are great for baking too!
our honey crisp orchard is still a baby orchard…only 5 years old.
our crop is very limited. 

royal gala

i think these are the prettiest apples on the farm!
 they are sweet, mellow and juicy.
 thin skinned and a smaller apple…they are easy for a little hand to hold!
the royal galas are such a beautiful luxurious pink … 
i bought a sofa that very same colour!


similar to a golden delicious, honeygolds are sweet and crisp
 with a mild, gentle flavour. i love the little freckles on their skin!
they are best for eating fresh, but also great for baking, pies and sauce.
 honeygolds will store for a few months.
bring your date to the orchard…
these are perfect for sharing…they are so large! 

we have picked the last of the gravensteins to use in our pie making room.
they make such an excellent pie! 

next weekend we will be picking my favourite…
warm hugs,

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