Thursday, 22 May 2014


oh what a treat to return home to find the pear trees in blossom. (after a wonderful week away) 
so lovely! did you know that pear blossoms smell like daisies? not quite so lovely!

the baby bartlett pear orchard is adorable. 

nothing says i love you like picking asparagus together! 
it is one of my favourite spring pleasures with mark and often our special evening date. 

since it grows wild all over the farm, picking becomes a bit of a treasure hunt!
eating a warm, just picked spear is simply delectable…the quintessential pure taste of spring!

our favourite way to enjoy fresh asparagus is grilled. 
it is so easy…just drizzle the spears with a little olive oil to coat and then grill until well browned...
generously sprinkle with maldon salt and enjoy warm.
we really take advantage of this seasonal gift and savour it every day somehow...
tucked under poached eggs with smoked salmon and hollandaise for breakfast,
tossed with sesame oil, honey and soya sauce in a salad for lunch,
rolled up with prociutto and boursin cheese and warmed as an appetizer,
blended with broth and tahini for an easy raw soup,
stirred with lemon zest and chives into spring risotto for dinner.
so many possibilities!

a bunch of asparagus makes a gorgeous kitchen bouquet too!

our forest beside the river has changed dramatically…
i love the swirly shapes of the frilly fern fronds unfurling. (try and say that 5 times fast!)

do you remember the little nest we found in the mutsu orchard? 

we have learned that it belonged to a brown thrasher…we saw her recently while we were grafting.  

our much anticipated apple blossoms are very near...
they usually appear within a week or so of the pears.
it is the very beginning....a breathtaking beginning!

life in the credit river valley is sublime.
i am still revelling in spring!
warm farm hugs,

                                                                              carl laidlaw orchards

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