Thursday, 8 May 2014


every spring is the only spring, a perpetual astonishment     ellis peters

i must concur! it is so marvellous to be present as spring unfolds! 
so many firsts to celebrate and welcome!
leaves are unfurling, flowers are opening, seeds are sprouting, and bees are bustling
while the birds provide the perfect much to appreciate!
every time i see a bird in the garden she is picking up something for her nest. 
 even the weeds are welcome...for a little while!
haven't these recent warm days been absolutely splendid?

what a difference a week makes…

 i am absolutely smitten with my little magnolia tree! it is so gorgeous!
i can’t remember the variety…it’s kind of girly and frilly and definitely festive...


everyone deserves a magnolia tree!

and i saw my first dandelion this jaunty and cute!


my unexpected euphoria in the garden…

i was convinced they were lost forever…
raked up and tossed in the compost with the leaves and twigs

every day we wander on the farm and are always delighted by something…
this was on the ground, quite well hidden in the mutsu orchard

i can hardly wait for the apple blossoms...still a few weeks away

can i just say again how much i love spring? 
and there is so much to look forward to. i hope you are enjoying it too!
warm farm hugs,


                                                                                                                    carl laidlaw orchards

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