Friday, 30 May 2014


ooh la la….. a week of pure, fragrant bliss! 
to be in the orchards during blossom is positively enchanting

every sense falls under a spell….
the blossoms have a delicate, sweet scent that i wish i could bottle… it’s dreamy 

oh and the view takes your breath away!

soft grass and moss underfoot feels sumptuous

when you are still,  
you can hear the birds and a gentle hum of bees 

it is remarkable how the different varieties of apples  
have different coloured blossoms… 

and they blossom at different times too!

surrounded by blossoms...the perfect setting for an 
al fresco evening with friends 

the clouds too looked like blossoms this day!

the baby orchard was so cute…barely a twig of a tree and full of blooms!   

it is inspiring!

recently i spent an evening painting en plein air with my special painting teacher 
who has the wonderful art supply store art hoot

 the petals were falling as we were painting 

i love that the fallen petals resemble festive!

the blossoms are so fragile and ephemeral..i think it makes me cherish them more

our farmer friend david bianchi took these last two gorgeous photos 

we are so fortunate to enjoy this fleeting luxury.
oh i do love this season!

warm spring hugs,

                                                carl laidlaw orchards

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