Thursday, 15 October 2015

another season's end

yes...every last apple has been picked.

we are closed for another season.

it is bittersweet!

but can i just say how wonderful our customers are?

thank you to the gentleman who generously paid for a family’s
 apples after they enjoyed picking many bags 
but did not want to pay for them.   

thank you to the doctor who came forward to help
 when a little guest was injured.

thank you to the mom who put extra toilet paper in our outhouses!

thank you to the lady who picked mcgowen apples for me so
 i wouldn’t run out at our tasting wagon. 

thank you to our guest who turned in a lost little red purse.
the owner was in tears when she came back
 a couple of weeks later to pick it up.

thank you to the gentleman that donated rain
 ponchos for the next rainy day. 

thank you irma and lisa for sharing your apple cake recipe.

thank you to the lady who donated money she had found
 to some one who could use it. know that a group of 
special needs kids benefited from your generosity. 

thank you to our guest that found a single sweet baby’s slipper.
 our cinderella story…
the baby’s mom was so happy to have it found!
it held sentimental value.

thank you for including us in your family’s tradition
 and joining us year after year…
including the many young families who had come
 to the farm themselves as kids and are now bringing theirs..
with their grandparents!

thank you for all your kind words and 
for buying our apples and pears!
i could write thank you’s all day…everyday! 

it is heartwarming to be able to invite so many lovely families
 to our home and share our passion for the farm and orchard. 
we look forward to seeing you again next year.

our staff is pretty wonderful too!
more about them next time…

warm farm hugs,

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