Thursday, 1 October 2015

hello october

ohhh the colours! 

it finally looks and feels like fall!

 you know how i love to put on my favourite sweaters
 and pick apples in the crisp air.

we still have macintosh, mcgowen, spartan 
and snowdan apples available for picking.

our empires, golden delicious and
mutsu are now ready for you 
to pick...


or “vampire” as one little guest calls them.
 a delicious flavour combination of sweet and tart,
empires are a lovely apple.
 they are a cross between a red delicious and a macintosh…the best of both!
 crisp, juicy, firm, and perfectly sized for lunches,
 they travel well…they do not bruise easily.  

we have only a very small crop to share this year… 
the majority of the empire orchard was hit by the late frost
 in may during blossom.  

golden delicious

sweet, crisp and mellow with a beautiful creamy flesh…
these are so wonderful out of hand and are fabulous for baking.
i love their thin skin…
you don’t have to peel them when making apple sauce or pies. 

golden delicious is a parent apple to many favourites that we also grow… 
smoothies, gala, ambrosia, and jonagold. 


named after a province in japan and also known as “crispin”,
these are an amazing apple…
when harvested early, they are green, crunchy, tart, and juicy. 

a later harvest reveals a complex sweet, spicy flavour similar to
a golden delicious. they turn a beautiful blush too. 
are you entering a “biggest apple” in a fall fair? this is it! 
because they resist browning mutsus make a wonderful
 addition to a fruit or cheese plate.  
they are also great for baking and excellent for storing.
does anyone remember our dog named mutsu?

there is something about the cooler weather that
 makes me want to bake!

i recently made a double batch of apple crisp,
 intending to give one to an elderly neighbour.
 i forgot to tell our family… 
i found this...

i do have a wonderful collection of apple recipes… 
the apple crisp is on our website 
and the tart is from an older post...october 23 2014
(i am sorry i don’t know how to link you directly there.)
i will share more recipes soon.

welcome october 
warm hugs,

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