Wednesday, 28 October 2015


we are very fortunate to again have a fabulous 
group of people help us through another apple season.

some have helped us for many years. for others, this was their first season.
 for a few, this was their very first job. 
a couple of high school students that pruned all summer stayed to help.
others in universities and colleges had helped us when they were in high school 
and looked forward to coming  back to the farm for the thanksgiving weekend!
many were guests here before they worked here… moms that loved the farm, and teens
who came with their parents when they were cute little kids.
(yikes i am sounding like an oldster!)
family, friends, friends of friends…a remarkable, happy, beautiful mélange… 

it is such a busy autumn…
yet somehow they all manage to juggle their other life
 of full time jobs, part time jobs, school, homework,
 kids, hockey, blogs, other farms, other stuff.

….it can’t be easy!
we couldn’t do it without them! 
lucky us! lucky guests!


a heartfelt thank you to 
lucas, debbie, kelli, linda, gregory, trudy, gord, paige,
 clare, haley, emily, madelyn, stephanie, audry, dawn,    
samuel, nathan, kenten, kelly, bryn, megan, olivia, curtis, 
arun, kirk, jaimy, alexina, michael, jonathan, joy, 
courtney, danielle, brooke, katrina, lauren, cameron, sam, 
gloria, christine, susan, lora, and of course our spencer and margo 
who have grown up always helping us!
and our very special friends joe and donna.
joe has volunteered here for many years…doing every job imaginable!
donna has so kindly brought us many many incredible delicious
 home made dinners every sunday during harvest for many years!
special indeed!

warm farm hugs,
laura and mark

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